Each semester we award four work study positions. In exchange for half tuition, work study students complete approximately 10-15 hours of work at Sijal per week. The work study positions for the upcoming term are as follows:

Social Media Intern: This intern is responsible for helping Sijal with their social media presence. This job includes photographing cultural events, lectures and life around Sijal and posting about it on Sijal's Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, the intern interviews a number of students and teachers per semester to spotlight their achievements. The intern is responsible for putting up 3-5 social media posts per week. Preference goes to students who have some kind of background with social media, art or design.

Curriculum Development Intern: This intern is responsible for helping Sijal with their various curriculum development projects. This includes proofreading English explanations and translations, assistance with formatting and organizing curricular materials, creating flash cards, finding relevant pictures for activities etc. Preference for this position goes to students with high level Arabic skills, however, students with an intermediate level or above will be considered.

Administrative Intern: This intern is responsible for helping the Sijal administrative staff with administrative tasks. This is a dynamic role, which will entail working on a number of different projects as needed. No experience with Arabic is necessary for this position.

Library Intern: This intern is responsible for recording Sijal's books into our library platform, some book arranging and procurement, in addition to following up with people who have over due books. The student must be able to type in both Arabic and English.

If you are interested in any of the above positions, please apply on the Work Study Application Form and mark which position(s) you are applying for.