For students enrolled at Sijal, whether for a full semester or a short period of private lessons, we can accept payments in a manner convenient for you. We provide receipts for all transactions and are happy to provide students with any formal documentation or paperwork that may be needed by their employer or university. Take a look below for more information about possible payment methods:


The majority of students opt to pay their tuition fees or any other charges in person, by cash or card. We accept payment in Jordanian Dinar (JOD) or US Dollar (USD).

Additionally, we accept payment by debit or credit card. The supported credit and debit cards are Visa and MasterCard. Please note that manually entering a card's information into the machine will not work, due to Jordanian financial regulations (whether at Sijal or any business in Jordan), so make sure that you physically bring the card with you and that it's in good working order. There is no charge for paying in person by cash or card.


Some students prefer to pay online in advance using a credit or debit card. Due to the high fees levied on Jordanian businesses looking to use secure online payment platforms, an additional fee of 5% will be added to your total to cover the online credit card transaction fees. Should you wish to pay your fees using this method, please send an email to letting us know that you would like to pay online. We will then send you a secure payment link for your tuition total.


Many students prefer the peace of mind afforded by doing a 'wire' transfer between banks before their travels to ensure that their tuition payments are received on-time. This is a straightforward way to handle any necessary payments from anywhere in the world, especially when someone other than the enrolled student will be paying, whether that be a parent, university or employer.

Please note: most banks retain a portion of the money sent as a commission for their services. The fees for a wire transaction vary from bank to bank, but typically range between $10 to $40. Please check with your bank regarding their wire transfer fees and send the actual amount that you intend to reach us at Sijal in addition to the commission fees levied by your bank to ensure that your tuition is paid in total. We cover all our own bank charges and are happy to waive the difference should it be under 5.00 USD. If we are missing more than $5.00 of your tuition total, however, we will then give you an invoice to cover the difference once you arrive in Amman. The transfer should work regardless of the country from which the transfer initiated.

Once you have initiated the transfer, please send an email to with the confirmation number, the name of the person who made the payment, and name of the student(s) for whom the funds are intended. This will allow us to verify that the funds have indeed reached us on time.