Jordan’s health services are considered to be among the best in the Middle East, and the country won the International Medical Travel Journal’s 2014 Medical Destination of the Year award. There are several major internationally accredited hospitals in Amman with first-rate facilities and equipment. Should a student fall ill and need medical treatment, even for relatively minor illnesses, all of these hospitals are available for walk-in appointments. Moreover, the city has several thousand doctors, most of whom are bilingual. Sijal maintains a list of recommended doctors who are Fellows of the UK’s Royal College of Surgeons or certified members of specialized American medical boards.

Though virtually all widely-used prescription medications are available in Amman, we recommend that you bring any medication that you require with you. It is also a good idea to bring a prescription (with the generic name, rather than the brand name) from your doctor for any medications you might need to refill. If you have a health condition that you feel we should be aware of for your own safety (e.g. epilepsy, food allergies, allergies to medication, etc.), you can disclose it to us in complete confidence.

We recommend that all students purchase comprehensive travel insurance before traveling to Jordan to cover any major medical costs, should they be required.