Sijal is more than a language institute; it is a scholarly and creative community. We serve a unique function in the local intellectual scene by hosting a vibrant series of seminars, events, and exhibitions on a range of topics that are both Arab and global in scope. While addressing issues pertaining to Jordan and the Arab world, our program is not restricted to them; it also features events dedicated to international history, politics, and culture, from North America to East Asia. This allows intellectual and cultural figures from across the world to be introduced to our local community and vice versa. As such, Sijal acts as a meeting place, where ideas flow from multiple sources and in different directions.

The encouragement of South-South, as well as North-South intellectual connections, lies at the heart of our vision. These connections do not only occur through formal events. Indeed, Sijal affords visiting and local academic and cultural figures as well as research students a space for informal interaction. Our comfortable common rooms are open to all, featuring complementary coffee and tea. Our terrace and gardens offer a place of reflection, study, and relaxation. Scholars and creative figures are encouraged to use our house to read, write, or simply meet each other.


Sijal offers doctoral and post-doctoral researchers the opportunity to apply for temporary research affiliation, as a means of supporting them in their pursuits. Affiliation is intended to assist researchers to access specific areas or archives, and develop contacts relevant to their work. It is open to researchers in all disciplines, whether based in Jordan or abroad.

To apply for affiliation with Sijal, please email info@sijal.org. The number of affiliations awarded varies each year. Applications are reviewed on a case-by-base basis, and are supported by a CV, a statement of research, and a letter of recommendation from a doctoral supervisor.