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What is the Role of Museums in Jordan and Palestine today?

  • Sijal Institute for Arabic Language and Culture #2 50 Umar Ibn al-Khattab Street Amman Jordan (map)

The last few years have seen an outbreak of “museum fever” in the Middle East. While the fever seems to have raged most fiercely in the Arab Gulf region, countries like Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, and Egypt have not been immune. As museums globally are redefining themselves and their purpose, it is interesting to ask what kind of a role do museums play in our region today, if any? What purposes to they see themselves fulfilling?
Dr. Diana Abouali spoke to Sijal about case studies from Palestine and Jordan that give insight into what we can learn about the contribution museums are making as stewards of cultural heritage, and as institutions that define what cultural heritage and the historical narrative are or should be.