Amman is served by a state-of-the-art airport designed and opened in 2013. More than 40 airlines from around the world fly here and there are direct flights to dozens of North American, Asian, European, and African destinations. Taxis and taxi hailing apps are available for transport to and from the airport and usually charge between 20 -25 JD, one-way. Sijal also offers airport transport for interested students who would like a driver to meet them at the airport at the rate of 25 JOD.


Amman is connected to the rest of Jordan and the surrounding region by a network of highways and major roads. Within Amman, there are a variety of ways to navigate the city: taxis, taxi services, taxi hailing apps, and busses.  

Clearly recognizable by their yellow color, taxis are widely available and affordable. They are often the most convenient way to navigate the city, if you are aware of where you're going. Taxis should run on a meter, and most rides within Amman will cost between 1-4 JD.

White service taxis are shared cabs that run on a set route and charge a flat rate of 0.35 JD. Services are a good options for students who live within walking distance of a service line - in particular, in Jabal Amman, Jabal Al-Weibdeh, or downtown - as they can be an incredibly convenient and inexpensive way of commuting in Amman. Sijal is located directly on the Jabal Amman service route, which runs between downtown and 2nd/3rd circle, and there is also a convenient route between downtown and Jabal Al-Weibdeh.

For students who feel more unfamiliar with the city or who prefer the convenience of taxi hailing apps, Uber, Careem, and Easy Taxi are all readily available throughout Amman. While these apps are usually slightly more expensive than yellow taxis, they can be especially useful for beginner Arabic students who might not feel as confident communicating with taxi drivers.

Amman's public bus system is not especially accessible for traveling short distances within the city, but it can be useful for students who live a bit farther from Sijal and happen to live on a bus route. More information on bus routes is available here.